Simplest Store Website

Welcome to the latest edition of the RDM Online family of websites. This sample site has been developed to show you the core elements of the Simplest Store package for Umbraco, available here.

Please not this is not a complete E-Commerce solution for a shopping cart i.e. doesn't have any payment integration, stock management etc BUT it is a simple dynamic session based Cart/Basket logic class that can be used as a starting point to build a E-Commerce solution specific to your site/client.

The main aim for the package is to give you the core functionality of a session cart/basket and the ability to turn any Umbraco page into a product page by just adding a "Price" field to that page. The only other pages you will need are the basket page and checkout page and the logic to process your payment, "SIMPLES".

I have also "thrown in" the ability to add optional and required extras to each product in case you need to add things like VAT and shipping, again simple Umbraco pages with a few settings on and a multi-node picker on the product to select these.

The MVC side of the site uses views, partial views, and the controllers as well as the "basketItem" class in models.

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Product A

This product page has got one optional extra i.e. first ...

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Product B

This product page has got one none optional extra i.e. ...

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Product C

This product page has got one optional extra i.e. first ...

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Product D

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